Bright flowers and tasty treats – we are celebrating All Saints’ Day!

1st of November, right after Halloween, many countries worldwide are celebrating All Saints’ Day. Of course, in some countries (especially Catholic) it’s bigger than in others. Nonetheless, it is counted as a public holiday in many. In fact, in Italy and Spain, for instance, this day is the biggest day of the year for florists!

What happens during All Saints’ Day? The idea is simple – during this day, people commemorate and celebrate their loved ones, who passed away. Many people come to the cemetary, clean the graves and decorate them with flowers. These can be found everywhere – shops, florist shops, even in small shops just by the cemetary itself. This is a beautiful tradition to honour the dead.

In this article, we would like to give you some inspiration and tell you a bit more about popular during this day flowers – the flowers that will be perfect for florists, but also last long on the grave.



Anthurium is a typical flower for this remembrance day. The plant has nice shiny or mat and strong leaves and still remains very graceful and sophisticated. Apart from that, the flower has a very long vase life! It comes in a very wide colour range, which makes it absolutely perfect for any style of your floral design. You can use Anthurium on its own or mixing various varieties. On the other hand, you can also experiment by combining it with different flowers or more exotic elements, such as Peacock feathers, for instance.

OZ Export - Flower Export - November 1 - All Saint's Day - Anthurium



Cymbidium is another flower, which is popular during All Saints’ Day. This graceful and elegant flower symbolises valued and respected friendship. This is a beautiful meaning, especially for such a day. It is also available in various colours – ranging from bright to light and gentle.


OZ Export - Flower Export - November 1 - All Saint's Day - Cymbidium - Orchids

The beautiful Cymbidiums from Cymbidium night at Keukenhof.


Chrysanthemum is especially big during All Saints’. This flower is filled with symbolism – from lasting friendship to life and rebirth, support for family and loved ones and much more. Isn’t this perfcet for a day dedicated to the ones passed away? The flower comes as a single flower, Santini and spray. Moreover, Chrysanthemum comes in such high amount of colours – it will fit into traditional or extraordinary and bright designs! This gives regular buyers and florists endless possibilities.


OZ Export - Flower Export - November 1 - All Saint's Day - Chrysanthemum



Last but not least – Lily. She comes in many different types – from practically non-scented (such as Asiatic and Longiflorum Asiatic), scented (Oriental and Oriental Trumpet) and strong-scented – Longiflorum. This beautiful flower also comes in a wide range of colours and has a long vase life. That’s what makes her absolutely perfect to place to the cemetary, where she can be a centerpiece for a long period of time.


OZ Export - Flower Export - November 1 - All Saint's Day - Lilium - Lily - Yourlily

Credits: YourLily


Did you already decide in which style you would like to make your floral arrangements during this special day? Check or webshop or app to order your products right now!

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