How we work

OZ Export is a family run business already since 1959. We have become one of the major floral companies in the world. Our focus is always on the long term. This also applies to our personnel. We make a decent plan for the future with our employees. In addition, we look closely at what you want, what your capabilities are and how this best supports what we are looking for.

Our Departments

Within OZ Export we have our Commercial, Logistics and several Staff Departments.

At the Commercial Department our buyers provide a daily supply of flowers, through the auction clocks and directly from growers. Buyers follow the trends in the supply market closely and regularly visit growers and breeders seeking novelties.

Sales is the Commercial Department that offers to our existing and potential customers a total package of flowers from our stock, from breeders, pre-ordered and directly from the auction clocks. Our vendors know the market, the language and culture of the customers.

The largest department is Logistics. Here, all the flowers are physically and administratively processed, from entry and order picking to handling, packaging, trolley building and expedition to our customer. The boxes and buckets restitution works is part of this department and so are the order planners.

Our Staff Departments are Administration, HRM, ICT, Reception and Catering.

All departments together form one OZ Export. The collaboration between the departments is optimally matched. Therefore, we find fellowship and a good atmosphere in the workplace very important. So our company is a reliable and friendly employer for the long term for each employee.

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flower export

At our Logistics department all the flowers are processed.

flower export

We offer our to our existing and potential customers a total package of flowers.